What is throuple relationship?

What polyamory

A man’s got two girlfriends and is enjoying it. We’re talking about polyamorous relationships. What’s up, guys? Okay, guys, I got a note from you. All right. How would you feel if you saw a girl or a guy having a relationship with two other people? How would you feel? Let me know down there. Would you be jealous? So, like I said, polyamorous, numerous relationships. That is the theme of this story. So, Adam Lyons, he’s got a relationship with these two haughties, and their names are Jane and Brooke. The three live in Los Angeles, and the 34-year-old shares a bed with the 25 and six-year-old girls. And that’s a king-size bed, man, I guess he really is a king because he’s got, like, woman at his feet. I don’t really want to point out the irony, but he’s in Los Angeles, and he’s older than these girls. There’s got to be some weird stereotype here. So, guys, most people call it a couple, but for this one, we’re calling it a throuple. And yes, all of them each have their own individual blankets, so they don’t have to fight over it.

Now, you might be thinking, wait, is this just about sex, this relationship? Well, apparently not, because Adam and the two girls are both parents. By both, I mean all three of them. That’s going to be weird to say. Brooke has a five-year-old kid from a previous relationship while Jane and Adam just had a newborn baby. Oh, yes. In case you are wondering about the girls, they are bisexual. And speaking of that, they also want to throw in a fourth person into the relationship. Man, this place is getting crowded. As for this throuple, they do take times apart with each other to go on dates and things like that. Either way, guys, with relationships changing, I want to know how do you guys feel about this? Do you think it’s good? Do you think it’s bad? Let me know down there in the comments below. Thanks for reading, guys. And keep it real. Keep it classic, keep it throttling up there in the real world. See you.

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