What is polyamorous 4 principles of relationship

What polyamory

I’m going to talk to you about four polyamorous principles that I believe create great relationships. So the first one is creating your own relationship doctrine. And I think this is part of a huge evolution that’s happening right now in marriage and long term relationships, whereby people are realizing that they don’t have to follow somebody else’s rules around their relationship, that they can create their own agreements that come out of their values and their vision for their relationship. The second principle is transparency. And what I mean by this is that basically everyone there’s full disclosure, everyone is on board and in agreement about a multi partnered situation. I do know of open marriages that are there’s not much more detail that people go into with each other than that that their relationship is open, and it works for them. I also know of other people that are much more into having the experience together and really sharing details. So it’s more what works for you and how you want to set it up with your partner. The third principle is being sex positive.

And I think this is a huge one to think about and look at. I think the reality is that in the United States we have a very puritanical view of sex and that we aren’t very sex positive. And what I mean by sex positive is a general belief in understanding that sexual energy is good, it’s normal, it’s healthy, and that people get attracted to different people more than one person. Now, what you choose to do about that in your relationship is a whole another conversation. But there is this understanding that I don’t own you, I don’t own your body or your sexuality. I’m not going to try and control your sexuality. The last principle is relationship as a growth path. And this is another one that I think is such a beautiful idea. The thought being that we can create a relationship that is big enough to contain each other as we grow, as we change, to contain all parts of ourselves. And what this means in practice is that we have an ongoing fluid conversation about what our current needs are, how we feel about things that are happening, what we want to change. It’s just this ongoing emotional connection and responsiveness. And those are my four Polly principles. I thank you for listening. Namaste.

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