What is a polyamorous relationship? Feminism in India

What polyamory

What is a polyamorous relationship? You are in a relationship with two people. Is that even possible? So whom do you really love then? Yes, it is possible and valid and it’s called polyamory. Join us in this article as we explain polyamory to you and what it means to practice it. Polyamory is made up of two words that means several and amour that means love. It is the practice of having multiple romantic relationships at the same time with consenting partners.

What is polyamory

Sounds confusing. Let’s take it again. Multiple would be two or more romantic relationships. Emotional connection, love and affection. Other driving forces here at the same time with consenting partners and consent that’s informed, enthusiastic and mutual. The nature of polyamorous relationships also differs. For some it could involve being in a relationship with multiple people, with having one primary partner. For others, it could be two completely separate relationships. Bottom line is consent. And because of society’s strict notions around love, relationships and eventually marriage, the concept of polyamory is largely misunderstood. There are some very common myths. Let’s dive into that.


Number one it’s all about sex. Now, the pieces of polyamory is love and related emotion. Whether it’s sexual or not depends on the people that are involved. And many people have a romantic, nonsexual pentatonic partnerships as well. Number two it’s the same as polygamy. That is not true. Polygamy refers to having multiple marriage partners and have foundations in religion and the laws that we live in. Polygamy is different. It is when consenting partners are emotionally and philosophically on board with a concept. And it may or may not always have to intersect with the institution of marriage. Polyamory acknowledges that each relationship could be fulfilling in its own way. It could be by raising a child together, picking up financial responsibilities or building a house.

Polyamory justifies cheating

Number three polyamory justifies cheating. No, it does not. Cheating is when someone does something behind the other person’s back without their consent. And honestly, it could mean a lot of things in a relationship. But society only talks about the sexual and the romantic form of it. In polyamory, everyone is aware and consenting of the multiple relationships that are occurring. And polyamorous couples stress on the importance of openness, consent and communication.

How does polyamory work?

So how does this really work? Like any healthy relationship, a polyamorous partnership is built on consent, respect, trust and empathy. Partners in polyamory define their own boundaries and negotiate the terms of their relationship. And of course jealously can manifest. It is a part of human nature, but it can be managed with trust and establishing boundaries. Because polyamory involves being emotionally available to more than one person at a time, communication is key, which even many polyamorous could fail at. Polyamory is about the freedom you give to yourself and your loved ones to evolve and build a connection. For anyone who practices polyamory it is wrong to assume that they are selfish or afraid of commitment. They’re actually open to multiple types of emotional experiences because love is abundantly. In fact, you can see Polyamory as the main character’s energy, where you are the center of your life, surrounded by network of love, honesty and meaningful relationships. We’ll let you think about it. What are the ways you explore love in your life? Tell us in the comments below. Thank you.

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