Mono poly relationship: is it possible? part 2

What polyamory

And that’s basically what that person that’s what their purpose is in that person’s life, to fill whatever void needs to be filled, right? Mitch match sexual desires. We talked about that yesterday. That’s why a lot of people do hall passes. But this would be more long term. Meaning I enjoy certain things sexually that you don’t want to do. For example, me and you together. I enjoy anal. I’m a man. I enjoy anal. You don’t enjoy anal. I should not have to not have anal because you don’t enjoy anal. So now I’m going to go out there, and I’m going to find somebody who enjoys anal just as much as me, and that is going to be their purpose.
You got couples who sleep in separate bedrooms in the house. They share everything together but intimacy, meaning that you could go out, and you can get what you need, but at the same time, you’re still here, and you still reside here. Okay? This is real life. People are actually doing this and it’s working for them. Okay? I knew someone all my life growing up, and the wife was just faithful of God-fearing, and everybody felt like she was just crazy because her husband would be a ladies man, and it was no secret, right? But she stayed. And I always say to myself, these people got to have an understanding they don’t know how to know about. Like, they have to have an understanding. This woman is not as crazy as everybody trying to make her out to be. These people have an understanding, okay? So I’ve seen it before, long distance relationships. People who work on the road, gone three and four months at a time.
It’s understood that I’m not available to you to be able to be intimate. Some people, they’re out there working, and they get in the bag, and they say, I understand. I can’t be there with you. So with that being said, you go ahead, and you go and do your prison relationships. I may not ever come home, but me and you are in a relationship. I don’t have a choice but to be monogamous because I’m in a certain situation, which we know that ain’t to be true either, because people in prison, they could do a lot as they can maintain multiple relationships. They ain’t got number time on their hands.
But for the ones that are in prison who choose to be monogamous, right, their person may be out in the free world and their person may be living a poly life even though they’re still with them, and they’re away, right? So we see that when I start putting this to, like, real life. It starts to make more sense to you because you’re like, you know what? I know. Smiley they do that smile. They live like that. Time limitations. What happens when we have different jobs, different schedules, on and off days? We humans. I was telling my friend last night. If you look at my false hierarchy of needs, sex is right down there with food and water, right? So if I can get it from you, then where do I get it from? I have to be able to get it from somewhere, right? I’m talking about that’s the mentality of these people. I’m not saying that’s the mentality of you.
That’s the mentality of these people. So with that being said, we own two different time schedules. I’m always working. I’m doing turnarounds, I’m doing this. I’m working an externship with the hospital because we got cozy and monkeypox it. So sometimes people say, you know what? Go get what you need and then come back to me, because you have some people like me, I’ll tell you, and I might be, especially now that I’m a single woman, a lot of men meet me, and the first thing they want to do is talk about physical, physical, physical. But for me, it ain’t got nothing to do with physical. For me. Like, you can keep your body. I want your mind. I can enjoy your body at some point, but I want your mind. I’m a mental person. So with that being said, it’s different for everybody. What works for one group may not have worked for another, but the reason I’m doing these articles is to be able to put these relationship styles out there so that you can see that everybody does not necessarily do things the same way.

And it doesn’t make them right or wrong. They’re just doing what works for them. We have to stop on the inbox me. She was sharing some of the stuff that I posted, and basically her dad contacted her, and he wasn’t pleased. But it’s a lifestyle that she’s currently living. And I explained to her as adults, everybody’s not going to always be in agreement with how we move, but you have to do what works best for you and your household. So what you’re doing is working for you and your husband. You have to stop because that’s the child you agree upon. Okay? All right, that’s going to wrap me up for today. I’m here at the PPG store. Come see me here at the PPG store. Those of you all that have reached out to me about the challenge just inbox me, and I continue to listen to the fitness group. You all just see me jumping rope. You’re all to see me walking.
You all have been seeing me basically trying to get my body right, because when I’m out here naked, because, yes, I’m going to be out here naked pretty soon. When I’m out here, and I’m doing the nude events and the new beaches and the new business, and I want my body to be right. So I’m putting in a lot of work because when I share these clothes and these are things that I’ve always wanted to do, but when you’re married, and you are not in agreement, sometimes you can’t do some of the things that you want it may have wanted to do. I’ve always loved my industry, have always wanted to take part in so many things that my industry has to offer, but for whatever reason, I couldn’t.
But now I can. So again, if you want to join the challenge, send me the link. Send me your inbox, and I’ll send you the link to be able to join the challenge. And for whatever reason, you get your body together. Get your body together, because I see actually putting in some work child to get this body together. Everything’s falling off. My junk food I got on today is too big. I got a bill holding it up, all that. But there’s been good problems to have. I’m like, if the only problem that I got today is my damn brought to be, then I could deal with it. I can deal with it. The only problem that I got is I got to add a belt loop to my belt. I could deal with it. I just don’t want to deal with some other stuff. Okay. All right. You all enjoy the rest of your day. You will be blessed.

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