Mono poly relationship: is it possible? part 1

What polyamory

Hello. Hello, everyone. We are talking about relationship styles this week. The relationship style that we’re going to be talking about today is called Monopoly. If you are just tuning in, make sure you go check out the series from Polyamory. We have done? Kitchen table poly. We’ve done open relationships. We’ve done three slums versus hall pass, and all of that falls under polyamory. We’re reading this book, The Ethical Slut, for people who are interested in the lifestyle. Look, my manager, Blank, who are interested in the lifestyle community. Let me get myself together. Anyway, I’m going to do what I came to do, which is teach.
I always start these articles off by saying these lessons are not designed to sway you one way or another. These lessons are designed to give you information because you have a lot of people that are out here living these particular type of lifestyles. Sometimes they are family members, sometimes they are coworkers, sometimes they are friends. And sometimes we just don’t understand why it is that they’re doing what they are doing. But I’m a firm believer that we have to do what works for us. And sometimes what may have worked at one point in your life, it may not be working at this point in your life. Things have happened, and you’ve seen that, you know what? Maybe we should try something else. So my job is to give you the information. So again, if you’re interested in the LS lifestyle community, this is a great starting point.
The ethical slip. Someone basically is like, you were teaching white school, and you were teaching couples how to stay together. Now you’re teaching people how to cheat with permission or some sort of the way they worded it. Now you’re basically teaching people how to cheat with permission or turn your head towards cheating and just accept cheating. Okay, this is a big, huge misconception. Okay? Yes, I did teach white school. White school was for people who were interested in learning the traditional values of being a wife, because that is something that a lot of us have not seen, a lot of us do not know. And it was a time and place to watch school. If you’re interested in white school teachings, you can go through YouTube and you can find all the white school teachings. Okay? This particular time we’re talking about poly relationships because those relationship styles exist too.
The difference between what I was teaching in white school and what I’m teaching now is in white school. Most times those are traditional marriages. Most times those are monogamous marriages. However, when I was teaching white school, I had several wives that were in what I would call open relationships, where they would go out and be able to end up from time to time. So not every wife that came to my school was there because they were a traditional wife. They just wanted some of the fundamental basis as far as marriage and being a wife and so on and so forth. Right. This is not giving people permission to cheat or to turn your head to cheating, because when you’re dealing with polyamory, it’s not cheating. It’s consensual. Non monogamy.

The key word is consensual, meaning that me and you are in agreement about the relationship not having monogamy on one end or another or both. Okay, this particular relationship style monopoly. One person in a relationship is monogamous. The other person in the relationship is poly, meaning that they’re dealing with multiples. What does this look like? Why would a couple want to have a monopoly relationship? All right, let’s talk the first one. Different relationship orientation. Girl meets boy, boy, boy meets girl, so on and so forth. Boy may meet girl. Boy may be monogamous. Right? Yeah, me and a monogamous, too. The boy may be monogamous, but he meets a woman who is poly, meaning that she enjoys entertaining multiple people for whatever reason. It does not all have to be sexual. And he says, you know what? I like your violet.
Like, I like you so much, and I enjoy spending time with you so much. I don’t want to change who you are. I want to accept you for who you are, and I want you to accept me for who I am. Now, I’m not going to go out there and deal with other people, because that’s not my desire. However, I’m not going to stop you from dealing with other people because I enjoy you just that much to the point that I’m willing to accept you, your sexual orientation and basically how you move. And that’s how a person would end up with a Monopoly relationship because they had a different sexual I mean, I’m sorry a different relationship orientation. Okay. Another reason is now this is a huge mismatch in sexual appetites and desires. I may be going through the change of life, but my husband has a very strong or my spouse or significant other. I’m trying to break myself out of standards, but I just say it for 23 years, so bear with me. All but my significant other has a very high sex drive. I cannot match their sex drive. Well, we don’t have to necessarily dissolve everything that we work for and built together. What I can do is say, you know what? I’m the one who can’t keep up. But you can go out there, and you can actually establish whatever type of relationship that you need to establish with someone else to get that void taken care, to get that need taken care of.

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