Is poly marriage good idea?


Shalom, ladies. Today we’re going to talk about how monogamy breaks up families. So when women expect or desire monogamy from their husband or from their boyfriend, and let’s say they have children with these men, whenever they find out the man has another woman, there are women who will leave because of that. They will leave because he had an affair, because he had another woman, because of whatever. Maybe he cheated multiple times or something, but they leave. Not really considering that, okay, if I leave him, I’m going to be a single mom. I’m probably going to do most of the parenting by myself, probably going to have more responsibilities on me. It’s going to be financially harder. All these types of things that come with leaving the father of your child. There is more to a relationship, or it should be more to a relationship or more to a marriage than monogamy. We shouldn’t be willing to throw away our whole family structure, the security, the security of our children, the financial security, our protector, all of these things. We shouldn’t be willing to throw all of that away just because the man has another woman. There’s too much at stake, especially when you’re married, and you have invested so much and both of you have invested so much. There are children involved.

You shouldn’t be willing to just throw all of that away. Women are encouraged to be emotional over this. We are taught to be emotional over this. We’re told, oh, if he does that, you need to leave him. You need to do whatever to them, cheat back on them, buses, tires, whatever. We see so many images like that in media, on movies, on music videos, stuff like that. So we are pretty much conditioned to have an extreme reaction to cheating. If you’re in a monogamous relationship or what you believed was a monogamous relationship and the man cheats on you, you need to consider polygamy. Consider that other woman as your sister wife and have a talk with your husband about that and say, can we have an arrangement where this woman is my sister instead of a mistress? There is a way to make your situation orderly. So I know this sounds crazy to a lot of people because we are used to not making the situation orderly. We’re used to overreacting to cheating and saying, I’m going to leave, and I’m going to take the kids, and I’m going to do this and that, and we want to fight the other woman and do all this chaotic stuff. But these things have to be rethought because it’s happening too often for us to keep reacting to it the same exact way. Hopefully this article was helpful for you. If so, please share and add site to favorites. Thank you for reading. God bless.

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