I am polyamorous: from serial monogamist to polyamory memelord


Hey everyone. I make content mostly memes to normalize polyamory and build polyamorous community. But I have to say, I have a secret. I haven’t always been polyamorous. I know say it ain’t so. Who am I to be making all this polyamory content? But then again, I recently did a poll over on Instagram and out of over 4000 polyamorous people, 86% of them had previously been monogamous. So I guess I’m pretty normal. Thank goodness imposter syndrome was hit me hard there for a second. So how did I go from a serial monogamous for most of my life to this polyamory Meme Lord content creator guy?
I’m glad you asked. Completely unprompted. Well, even though I married someone out of a monogamous relationship, I knew that the person I was marrying had been in alternate relationship styles before, and it’s something we’d probably explore down the road. So in early 2019, when we were both out at a bar and my partner met someone with my full knowledge, nothing shady, I was surprised, but not too surprised. So that opened up the conversation of, well, where do we go from here? I had never been in a non-monogamous relationship before, so I didn’t even know if it was really for me. But after a lot of research and a lot of communication with my partner, we decided we wanted to give it a try. Initially we dated as a couple, but we quickly realized that wasn’t really our thing. We both dated a few people who had previously been friends. That was nice because the communication was kind of already there. Not long into our polyamorous journey, I realized that, yes, this is definitely something I want, and I’m not just doing it for my partner.

So then 2020, what is a year? I was furloughed from my job for three months. I had a return date, so I wasn’t looking for other jobs and I needed to do something in those three months. For a while I had been interested in growing some sort of niche social media page, but hadn’t really done it yet. I decided, you know what? I’m just going to make some memes about polyamory. I thought it would be a fun little project and that it would just help me out on my own polyamory journey. Well, not long into making memes, I realized that my memes really resonated with people. So it went from this fun little thing I did just because I happen to have some time into, oh, wow, this is kind of my thing now. So for a while I just posted memes to Instagram and Facebook. Kind of worked out what people liked, what people didn’t like, made a lot of jokes, made some more serious content, a little bit of everything.
Then I thought, you know what? People really like TikTok. Let’s give that a try. My TikTok’s resonated with people even faster than my Instagram. Then I thought, there’s some content I want to make that doesn’t really fit inside an Instagram post and TikTok is just a little too short. So here I am. That’s what this site is going to be about. I’m going to do some deeper dive articles that I’m able to do on other social media platforms and see if I can make it work. So if that sounds interesting to you, I’d really appreciate adding the site to favorites. Then the purpose of this ышеу is to help the polyamorous community. So if you’re a polyamorous or otherwise non-monogamous person, and you want me to talk about something, leave me a comment. I’m pretty excited to dive into YouTube, so I’ll see you in the next one.

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