Am I polyamorous?


Oh, hey, Internet, it’s your girl stuff. We’re going to have another one of those personal articles about my life because for some reason you all are interested in that. Can you give that memo to the people who are actually in my life? Because they really don’t care. But that’s not why I’m here today. So I’ve been noticing in my comments and on articles and just the Internet in general, you tweet me and stuff, wondering what my relationship status thing is. I do share a lot with you guys, but let’s keep the mystery alive. Let’s keep that privacy going.


But if you do follow me on the social medias, I’m sure you noticed that I’ve been posting a lot with a very lovely person in my life. Now, Gabby happens to be very open about the fact that she’s poly or polyamorous, which means she will date more than one person at the same time. So Gabby and I post together a lot because we see each other a lot.
Many of you have been assuming, based on whatever relationship you guys think I have with Gabby, many people have been wondering if I, too, am polyamorous. So I just wanted to be really honest with you guys and give you an answer. Am I polyamorous? No, I’m not. I am monogamous. What that means is that when I am dating someone, or I’m in a relationship with someone, I am just with that person. Sexually, emotionally, all those things. I’m only invested in one person.


Most of the society is like me, monogamous. But I don’t think that means we can take away the validation of those who aren’t.
I mean, hey, sometimes I wish I could give it a try. I wish that I could be poly, but I can barely chew gum and walk at the same time, let alone talk to more than one woman at the same time. Like all sexual orientations, it’s not a choice. How we act on it is a choice, but we can’t control who we are and what we feel and nugget. Hang on, I’m making a video. Nugget. We’re discussing pet. Baby boy. I’ll pet you soon. Come here. Nugget. Just wants to say hello. I don’t choose that I’m gay. Was born that way. Do I choose that I act on the fact that I’m gay? Hell yeah. Because that’s what I want to do. There’s plenty of people who are gay who don’t act on it, whether it’s because they are in the closet or oppressed or like worried for their safety. I know my knees are all banged up. I fell down a mountain.


Personally, for me, and this is just my definition of who I am, how I identify I’m a monogamous person. It’s not because I’m choosing not to be with anyone else. It’s because for me personally, and I’m not trying to speak for monogamy as a whole, this is just me. When I’m with someone and when I like someone, I only like that person. I’m a human being. I can see if someone is attractive. I am gay, but I can acknowledge if a guy is attractive. It just doesn’t mean I want any type of relation, whether it’s sexual or romantic with them. I’m only sexually attracted to my partner. I’m only romantically interested in my partner. And that’s just me. Just like other marginalized sexual orientations, there are a lot of misconceptions about it. There’s misconception that those who are polyamorous are just promiscuous and overly sexual and sex addicts. And that’s not always the case. Sometimes it is a purely sexual thing where you will have other sexual partners that you are intimate with.
But sometimes it is also an emotional connection. Sometimes it could be a relationship of multiple people together. So you can have three people who are all dating each other. Now, the reason why I’m keeping this video pretty short and sweet and to the point, and why I’m not throwing facts of information at you or opinions, is because I can’t speak on behalf of this community. But in my description I will link plenty of resources where if you’re curious about it, you can find it. My biggest advice, though, is regardless of how you identify, is that you communicate with your partner about it. Because they may not always be the same as you, they may have a different viewpoint as you. So just keep that open window of dialogue. What do you guys think about polyamory and poly relationships? Leave a comment below. I read them all. I will see you guys next week with a new article. Bye guys.

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