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What is a queer platonic relationship? Hello. You beautifully human. Today we are going to be talking about queer platonic relationships, or QPRs. I got this video recommendation from one of my good friends, Connor, and I was really surprised to figure out that this was actually a thing, had no idea that queer platonic relationships actually existed or what it even meant. So with the help of my friend and some resources on YouTube, I was able to understand, and now I’m going to bring that knowledge to you. So from my understanding, a QPR is a non-sexual, non-romantic relationship that is almost like a friendship, but more than just friends. Now, I know that can sound kind of confusing, so let me just break it down for you. And like most orientations and sexualities in the LGBTQ plus community, there is a spectrum. And QPRs also are within a spectrum between a friendship and a romantic relationship. And within this spectrum, they can be literally anyone.
So anyone could be in a QPR of queer platonic relationship, and they could be anyone, any sexual orientation, any gender, any identity, as long as they are mutual within this relationship. And whoever they’re with, they are happy with that relationship. They’re in a QPR. So, for example, if I was in a QPR, I am a CIS woman, I am lesbian, and I can be in a QPR. Let’s say there is a trans man who is Asexual and aromantic. They can be in a QPR. Let’s say you like the opposite gender to yourself, so basically heterosexual, but maybe you’re Asexual as well. So really, anyone can be in a QPR as long as you want to, as long as you’re willing to, and the person or people that are in this relationship with you are also happy. Did I mention that QPRs can also include more than two people? Well, they can. So let’s say you want to have a polyamorous relationship that can be in a QPR as well. Really, it’s anyone, any number of people who are okay with each other, who feel a mutual weight about each other, they can be in a QPR.
Now, although QPRs are more directed to a romantic people, it can include anyone. Like I said earlier, this is also becoming more popular with the Asexual group because they know that their partner or whoever they’re with is feeling a mutual way. They don’t have to feel pressured into doing anything sexual or anything that will make them feel uncomfortable because they know it’s a mutual understanding. And something that surprised me personally was that people in a queer platonic relationship can also do intimate things. They also feel comfortable with that. So they could sleep in the same bed, they could co parent, they could share money, they could share health, they can live as a married couple. They can have a platonic wedding. So they will marry each other, feel completely platonic, and happy with each other, and they can also raise children together. There’s no limit to how this relationship can be.

So I know it’s kind of confusing because you’re like, wait, but it can do this, but then it can’t do this, but then it is representing this, but then it’s not this. I was confused as well. So let me tell you in my own words what my general description of a QPR queer platonic relationship is. A QPR is when two or more people feel a mutual way about each other. They prioritize each other just like a romantic relationship would, but they don’t have the romantic aspect or the sexual aspect. In some cases, this allows people to get that intimacy that they crave without compromising their identity as an asexual person or a romantic person or anyone who just doesn’t want that part in a relationship, so to say. So basically, it is a very strong friendship that is more than a friendship, but it’s less than a romantic relationship. If you feel that you have that connection with someone that you kind of feel between the friendship and the romantic relationship, a QPR or queer platonic relationship might just be the thing for you. It just means that you have to have a mutual understanding.
You have to know what the other person is expecting from your connection. You have to be super clear and super direct so that no one gets hurt and everyone feels great about their relationship. So I’ve left some links down below to a couple of channels in an article that I read to get the information that I just shared with you today. So if you want even more in depth information from people who are in QPR relationships or people who have experience with that, you can see that down below. I really hope that this was a pretty cool article. I really was super excited when my friends brought this up to me because I had never thought about it before, and I never even knew it existed. So I just thought it was super cool to learn and understand this type of relationship. All right, well, have a wonderful day and I will see you next time. Here where I will tell you what asexual means. All right, I will see you there. Goodbye.

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