Poly relationship meaning for dating

Meaning of polyamorous

Hi, today we’ll be talking about polyamorous relationships as it relates to your boys. Put it in the comments if you know anyone who is it or has been in a polynomial relationship. No name-dropping lives in the comments. So cheating respectfully to me is cheating. Where I don’t find out is having control over your other women is using condoms and not having babies. Like cheat respectfully because believe it or not, your man is cheating. But I’m not leaving my man over a one-night stand within period.
Okay. So let’s talk about what a polyamorous relationship is. A lot of people like to call it an open marriage. Polyamorous is whereas two parties are together, and they have come to the agreement that they don’t mind each other having other relationships or sexual relationships outside theirs.
The term open marriage. Same as that concept, except now you’re legally married. Right. We are in the 21st century. It’s all kind of stuff going on. The law is trying to keep up with all of these changes here in Georgia. Open marriages aren’t necessarily recognized on a legal level. Okay? They are recognized because we know people are doing it. But there’s no law that is going to dictate how it should go, what should happen, what shouldn’t happen.
Let’s say it that way. So let’s talk about a few consequences and how they could come up anytime. I’ve dealt with parties who were in an open marriage. The biggest deal is always going to be these boundaries that are in place. Right. I agree that you can see somebody else as long as you don’t X-Y-Z maybe as long as you don’t take when I’m not around. As long as you don’t talk to them when I’m not around. As long as you all aren’t going on dating, and it’s strictly sexual, as long as whatever the case may be, it’s totally up to the married couple to determine what they want to say. Is that stopping point? And that’s why I believe the consequences are going to come into play. Right.

Because here’s the thing. Is it really adultery if the parties have agreed that it’s okay? No. You have that consent in place, and you will go in there and say, I haven’t committed adultery. We consented to being able to do this relationship. But how far does that consent go? Right. You’re going to have to examine the scope of the consent. When was the consent revoked? If I give you permission to do something, and you do something outside what I’ve said it was okay, the consent is no longer there.
And that’s the issue. You got to be very careful when you’re dealing with these situations. And of course, as always, it’s going to be up to the trial of fact to determine whether adultery occurs and how they want to handle it. From there, they’re going to listen to all the facts. They’re going to determine, based on all the circumstances, whether one of the other parties crossed the line.

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