Pole people: the unicorns polyamory is the priority

Meaning of polyamorous

I’m hiding under my hat today to say the unicorn polyamory is the priority always. Normally, I talk about committed poly relationships, but today I’m talking about having fun, which is something that we all do. And there are plenty of couples that want to spice up their relationship by bringing in another woman. And I just want to say, in those situations, the unicorn must be the priority always. If the unicorn’s not having fun, nobody’s having fun. It’s so disheartening. How many stories? I hear about threesomes where a couple brought in another woman, and then the woman gets upset because she doesn’t like how the man is fucking that other woman, or where the woman sets these rules, oh, you can’t kiss her. Oh, you can’t do this with her. Oh, you can’t do that with her.
But at the end of the day, what you have to understand is that a unicorn is something rare, like Mr. Clean with hair, and they need to be treated accordingly. CC. If your relationship is not in a place where you feel comfortable enough in yourself, you feel comfortable enough in your connection with that person, where you can allow them to enjoy someone else, and where you can get out of your head and enjoy someone else, then you’re not in the position to be looking for no unicorn. You fuck up the game for the rest of us. You see, what you have to understand is that the unicorn is the priority always. You are in that couple, you and that man.

You already have a relationship that should be solidified and set in stone. This unicorn is doing you a favor. Yeah, you’re doing you a favor by coming into your relationship, coming into unknown territory, and giving you that room to spice your relationship up. We can’t mistreat our unicorns, you all. All focus should be on that unicorn. The unicorn gets theirs first, then we can start worrying about everything else. Everything else is secondary. The unicorn always takes priority over everything. And I like to use the term unicorn because I think it’s cute. I’ve been on both sides. I’ve been a unicorn, and I’ve been a person who’s seeking a unicorn, and I’ve been a person who’s brought unicorns into my relationship. And I don’t use the term to be fetishistic or to try to fetishize another human being, because at the end of the day, with three people who choose casually and consensually to have fun together, we are all human beings with autonomy and agency, and that needs to be respected from all sides.
Nobody is more important than anyone else. But in a situation where you are casually bringing in a unicorn, it doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, somebody that you know, or somebody that you have just briefly dated, somebody you’ve met online, whatever the case may be, you have to understand that they are the person coming into your home. That’s how you should think about it. When someone comes into your home, they’re a guest, right? You don’t just bring them in and then start oh, yeah, treating them all willy-nilly. When someone is a guest, they should be treated accordingly. They should be made to feel comfortable. And that’s what I need to see. That’s what I want to see. Unicorns are very, very, very valuable in the poly community. If you don’t know that, your whole perspective is wack. The unicorn is a priority. Always remember that shit.

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